“A rose by any other name…” or Wherein I Rename “Dry” Camping


Romeo and Juliet has produced some of the most memorable lines of Western literature, including the oft quoted “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”  The quote is incredibly apt because the connotation of dry camping, wild camping, or boon docking fail to do the glory and solitude of the past two weeks justice.  I’ve renamed it Oasis Camping because it is truly our oasis of peace, solitude, and relaxation. 

Dry camping makes it sound like you are truly roughing it, making do with less than all the creature comforts to which we have become accustomed.  Oasis camping sounds much more inviting and luxurious in comparison.  We’ve been oasis camping for just shy of two weeks straight now without sacrificing anything.  Ok sure, we aren’t showering everyday but hey who cares?  We have showered on a semi-regular basis which is more than sufficient in the middle of the desert with just one another for company.


Sunrise has been stunning every morning we have been here at King of Arizona National Wildlife Refuge.  The animals are content, basking in the sun, howling with the wind, and chattering at the occasional bird that flutters near.  We’ve watched Dodgers baseball every night, worked without interruption, satellite has been flawless, and there has been absolutely no light pollution.  Sure, the winds have been fierce and have prevented our planned spit grilling but all that meant was that we were forced to go shopping for meat in town and discovered an amazing butcher in the general store.  That butcher and his tender, succulent meats alone would have made the entire trip worthwhile. 


Sangria is comforting Dave as he’s been forced to rest and rehab his left knee the entire trip.  We wanted to go hiking and see the beauty that is Palm Canyon but that isn’t on the agenda for this trip.  However, while a bummer it hasn’t changed the fact that the overall trip has been amazing.  It has been what we needed on oasis of calm and relaxation.


There’s me most days, on the patio from sunrise until the heat of the day or the whipping winds drive me inside.  The skies are crystal clear, the flock comes out to join me, and I’ve gotten a lot of reading and writing done, well if I’m truthful more reading than writing.  If Dave’s knee is up to it, we are going to venture into Quartzsite late this afternoon to visit the Reader’s Oasis aka the used bookstore run by the nudist.  It’s supposed to be an awesome used bookstore and I’ll admit, I’m looking forward to it very much. 

So, there you have it we have been Oasis Camping for the last two weeks.  Two weeks off the grid, away from the endless treadmill of modern life, while maintaining our standard of living.  So next time you venture off the grid, enjoy your own personal oasis and go Oasis Camping instead of dry camping.


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