AT&T Unlimited Data: What does it Actually Mean?


Pickles was going to write this post but as you can see, he’s decided that napping on the job is priority one.  Guess it falls on my shoulders to share what we learned about what AT&T unlimited truly means.  Sometimes it helps having a family member who works in mobility.


AT&T does truly have unlimited data without ever incurring an additional fee no matter how many times you exceed the 22GB “cap”.


s always, Unlimited Data Plan smartphone customers will still have the comfort of knowing that, no matter how much data they use in a billing cycle, they will continue to pay a single monthly flat rate. That is the essential promise of the Unlimited Data Plan, and we are pleased to continue honoring that promise.


What AT&T unlimited data plan means is that when a customer reaches 22GB of data per billing cycle, network access is throttled back only under certain conditions.

Because the amount of congestion at a cell site can vary significantly, the performance impact for affected unlimited data plan customers may also vary significantly. Standard speeds and latency will resume once the cell cite is no longer congested, or the customer’s data session moves to an uncongested cell site. In addition, speeds and latency will return to normal at the start of the customer’s next billing cycle.


What does this mean for the RV  Community?

Quite simply, if you are in a less congested area and have exceeded your 22GB cap, your data will NOT be throttled down for the remainder of your billing cycle so long as you remain in an uncongested area or use most of your data during non-peak hours.

If you are in a highly populated area, then expect your data to be throttled once you reach your cap.  But let’s be blunt, aren’t most RV’ERS looking to escape heavily populated areas in the first place?  

Don’t have an AT&T unlimited plan?  They are still available if you sign up for the DIRECTV package available here.