The Search Continues

This morning my crazy folks once again went searching for “the one”.  They came home some six hours later, tired and no lightness in their steps or smiles lighting their faces.  So here’s what I’ve learned listening to them talk this evening.


1.  Mom wants a code word to bug out of conversations with creepy salesmen.
2.  Dad must be a giant because evidently almost everything they looked at today was “to short”.
3.  Apparently my adventures on the open road have to wait until Wally goes away somewhere.  I’m confused because Mom and Daddy love that hairy dog to bits, so where’s he going and why does it make them so sad.


Tammy here, Pickles has wandered off to contemplate the Wally conundrum.  So here’s the adult version of today.


1.  Steep entryway stairs are just not an option for my cranky knees.
2.  Some coaches have unreasonably low ceilings for Dave’s 6’2 frame.
3.  Older models feel less glitzy and like they were designed by a Kardashian.  Newer models feel like they are trying to hard to impress with very little behind the glamour façade.
4.  Light in a coach is paramount for us but smaller windows and darker interior decor make the newer coaches feel like a sparkly dungeon.

I think we’ve figured out a couple of things today we didn’t have solidified quite yet.


1.  2015/2016 Thor Tuscany has the best single entryway we’ve been in to date.
2.  Alfa See Ya has beautiful light pouring through the windows and it feels homey.
3.  Western Alpine coach felt cheap, crowded, and poorly built.
4.  We need a space that Dave can comfortably use as an office during the day, rather than trying to shoe horn himself in because otherwise the coach works.

We will continue to look and explore our options.  As much as we’d like to set forth on the open road adventure sooner rather than later, we aren’t going to rush a decision just to get something.  Wally is also a governing factor.  He’s happy here and disrupting his life at his age just isn’t an option for us.  Plus, his passing on any coach would render it uninhabitable for us.