The car snack conundrum

What do you do when you are on that long drive between point A and point B and stopping to pick-up a sandwich (or pop into the fifth wheel and make them) just isn’t feasible?  This is a common problem for us, between Pickles needing to eat at roughly the same time everyday and just plain hunger on those long drives.

We’ve tried the old standbys of crackers and cheese, fruit, and cookies but honestly those aren’t such a great solution.  We don’t have anywhere we can store a cooler to keep things cold.  Dave always suggests jerky but it is usually overly salty and not the best choice for the animals (despite their universal love for all forms of jerky). 

I made these awesome cookies last weekend and in the middle of this week.  They are oatmeal cookies so full of good fiber.  But they are not savory and trust me, Pickles hyped up on sugar in the backseat chattering his fool head off will make no one happy!

This week we ordered a meat bar from Epic.  I know sounds weird right?

Dave was the designated test subject.  Let’s just say they weren’t what we were expecting.  We were both surprised when he opened the package and there was moisture, ooey, gooey moisture.  Raised eyebrows and a skeptical bite later (well, ok I took a small nibble as opposed to his bite) and we were confused.

It wasn’t bad, but at the same time it wasn’t something I’d go out of the way to find again.  Yes it’s full of protein and is something we could all eat in Lana toddling down the road, but it is incredibly bland.  And by incredibly bland, it might have been raw bison because there was no other flavor note.  We couldn’t taste the bacon or the cranberries, although you could see the cranberries.  There needed to be a spicy, peppery note to balance out the sweetness.

It’s hard to wrap your mind around wet meat that is shelf stable.  Admittedly it checks all kinds of trendy boxes: gluten-free, paleo, environmental etc. but as nice as all that may be, if in the end the product is just weird on the palate what’s the point?

We have more of the bars sitting on the counter and I highly suspect they will become expensive dog and bird snacks while traveling.  I still need to come up with a savory cookie that travels well and tastes good.  I can’t see myself voluntarily consuming the meat bar. 

So, what do you eat driving down the road?