Let’s face it, unless you are an avid oasis camper who doesn’t routinely need the comforts of air conditioning and electrical power to survive, then we all end up paying something to park our rigs and live.  Be it at a five star resort or a city park, if we want amenities then we have to be willing to open our wallets and fork out the cash.  We have no trouble doing so but like all us, we prefer to get good value for our hard earned money.

New Mexico has the flat out best value to any camper, full-time or not, in the country.  Residents pay $180 and non-residents pay $225 a year for an annual camping pass allowing the holder to camp at one of the more than twenty state parks for a nominal fee per night depending on the type of spot.

Primitive (no hook-ups) are free of charge to annual pass holders.  50 amp electrical plus water sites are $4.00 a night, while adding sewer to the above pushes the nightly fee to $8.00.  No matter how you slice the pie, that is an extremely good value for your money.  Many of the parks also have wifi available for use.  Even if you only use the pass a couple of times a year, it more than pays for itself.  You can spend 14 nights out of 20 in any one state park and reservations can be made up to six months in advance.

I know what you are sitting there thinking to yourself, but it’s HOT in New Mexico!  True it can be, but a quick look and almost every state park is located on a body of water.


Percha Dam State Park is pictured above.  It is far from barren and hot.  There are mountains in the background, the trees are full of birds, and there are actual trees versus cacti. 

The value of the New Mexico State Park pass cannot be beat, especially when compared to the prices for similar amenities in neighboring states.  We have already booked our summer plans and they involve staying at the various lakes around New Mexico.  The Gump can handle winter camping without issue so we are looking forward to doing some winter camping as well.